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Maple Bay Rock Wall

Steep slopes need the right equipment...and skill

A rock wall can give you space you never knew you could have. We created a usable tiered back yard on one that was a steep slope, giving the homeowners a crushed rock top padio area and a levelled lawn area for the kids to play.  Before this transformation the back yard just ran downhill and they couldn’t use it previously.

Because of the slope of the property overall, we had to be really careful when delivering the large rocks for the wall, and they had to be contained inside the delivery bin on a very steep hill, then Roy removed these boulders individually, carrying them down the driveway and into the back yard with his Bobcat Equipment.  "Playing it safe... and making it happen."

Many would have said it couldn’t be done, but with the right machinery and experienced operator it ususally can be done. A steep property is a challenge, but not an insurmountable obstacle. We made a safe plan on getting these rocks in place as they couldnt be dumped on the property because of the risk of them rolling down the driveway and into the home.

The fact that Roy has a the bin truck for jobs like these offers the solution for a safe delivery and completion. Without the delivery bin being placed on the ground, the rocks could very well have gotten away and done damage.  We were able to contain everything and keep the surrounding area neat and tidy.

At last, we were able to create the retaining wall, while levelling outdoor space for backyard use, featuring a set of rock stairs in the center to access their lower yard. The result? A luxurious yet fun outdoor space!

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