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Concrete Slabs Need Creative Solutions

We were contracted to tear out concrete slabs that were right under the deck of a house.

The complication was that there was a 40-foot drop down a steep slope, plus a very narrow space between the existing fence posts…and we couldn’t take out the deck.

The contractor tasked with the general house renovation initially estimated that concrete removal would take a month and would have to be done by hand. This was cost-prohibitive, so he called R.A.L., although he was skeptical we could manage it.

Our solution was to build a small path down the steep hill in order to maneuver our equipment. We managed to put the bobcat right under the deck and used a breaker attachment to break the concrete into manageable pieces.

Next, we used the excavator to load the concrete into the mini-dump machine, drove it along our manufactured pathway—up the steep hill, through the narrow spaces, out the backyard—and dumped it into a disposal bin.

From start to finish, the whole project only took four days. The contractor and the homeowner were delighted with the speed and cost of the whole operation.

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