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Genoa Bay Deck Removal

Tricky and Heavy-duty Job

This job really needed us to call upon all our expertise and the equipment that we have at our disposal. The job itself involved removing multiple decks, and a carport that had been set in with a concrete and rock wall. The latter is an especially taxing task that we had to bring in our Bobcat excavator for.

All the rock and concrete has to be broken up, carefully removed, and safely disposed of, but luckily the excavator was more than up to the task. Thanks to our hard work and knowledge we were able to get to work and take care of everything in just one day, much to the relief of the owner.

While we were working it became apparent just how great the need for our services was, it was clear the whole structure was unsafe and needed to be brought down. This is why you always need someone with experience and an eye for these things, something that also comes in handy when dealing with any problems or complications that arise.

In this job, while we were removing the concrete, we noticed that a tree stump had taken root within. This is the kind of problem that can cause delays and confusion, but not for us. Once we were done, we also took great care to leave the site clean and well-presented. This is important to us, not just as a matter of professionalism, but also courtesy. This was after all, someone else’s property and we wanted to leave it in a pristine condition for them.