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Demolition & Clean-Up

Take it Down and Get Rid of it, Once and For All!

It can be overwhelming to try and clean a property, whether it’s landscaping debris like overgrown brush and shrubs, yard clutter, or discarded household objects.

But you don’t have to do it alone. R.A.L. offers clean-up services to take care of a wide variety of waste, debris and clutter. One call and everything will be hauled away, leaving behind a clean slate, a tidy property, and providing you with that all-important peace of mind.

Clean-up the Easy Way

Demolition by its very nature can create an unsightly mess of debris – but that should not stop you from undertaking vital renovations and changes.

Roy can set-up and deliver storage containers and disposal bins. These can be used to ensure that there is no visible mess during the process. Instead, it all goes into a disposal bin, gets hauled away and properly disposed of. You can complete the clean-up according to your own schedule and time permits, or... hire R.A.L. Bobcat Services to do it all for you and lightening your load.

One Week, Two Old Shops, Two Different Methods

The quick and easy method? Roy was hired to demolish an old shop, so he brought his equipment, and within four hours the whole thing was down and ready to load & haul away for safe disposal of the debis. The shop was taken down, and all the debris was placed in RAL disposal containers and taken away, leaving behind a clear space for a new building to be built.

The long and hard method? The homeowner decided he and a couple of buddies would work together and demolish the shop, and with this method relied solely on manual labour – meaning it took a week to get the shop down and space cleared.

The best solution is obvious: hiring top of the line equipment that is handled by an experienced operator saves hours - or days - of precious time and prevents back pain and/or injury to workers.

With just one call to R.A.L. you can have your old structures demolished and the mess hauled away like it was never there.