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Portable Secure Storage

Avoid the Stress that Comes with Moving

Preparing to move properties can be one of the most stressful events, especially if you have many items. But R.A.L. is there to help things go as smooth as possible.

When you’re getting ready to show the house, your Realtor will probably ask you to get rid of a whole bunch of clutter, so they can properly stage your home for showing. That means finding a place to temporarily store a lot of items and furniture in order to make your home look more spacious with lots of empty storage space.

Don’t you wish you could have some options on what to pack and where and how you’re going to move everything you need, without being stressed out?

Solution: a huge portable secure container!

These portable storage containers have a smooth hardwood floor and two large easy-access doors that make loading items into them a breeze. Best of all, the floors are all at ground level, so no carting moving boxes and individual items up a ramp. Avoiding heavy lifting means your body will thank you for days to come!

Use Not Just One, But Two Large Shipping Containers

Give Heather a call and have the containers delivered to you. They will be able to hold all of your belongings safely and comfortably for as long as you need. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, and now you must decide what you’re going to take and what needs to be sold or given away.

With two containers you also have the advantage of being able to divide the belongings you plan on keeping and those you want to sell or dispose of.

Move on Your Own Schedule

When you’ve got your shipping containers filled and ready, R.A.L. Bobcat Services will deliver them wherever you want, when you’re ready. No more stress because you’re struggling to have everything ready for a big moving van that’s coming on a specified day/time, whether you’re ready or not.

You already know that loading U-Haul Trucks or Trailers is hard work and time consuming, and you’re always under pressure to meet the deadlines you’ve been put under. Portable shipping containers solve all these issues.

Having options on what to pack and where and how you’re going to move everything you need, without being stressed out - it doesn’t get easier than this. Now you’re in control and the choice is yours - either take the easy way or the hard way.

One call to Heather and R.A.L. will help you store and ship your belongings safely and securely.

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