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Ponds & Waterfalls

Create a Natural Water Feature For Your Enjoyment

Would you like to enjoy the tranquil sounds of a waterfall or bubbling pond in your own backyard? R.A.L. will help you pick out the perfect boulders and rocks, and give you expert guidance towards creating your own piece of paradise.

Add a Pond to Your Property

A well-designed water feature can be a tremendous and rewarding addition to any landscape. Providing the perfect setting for entertaining guests, or relaxing after a hard day at work, it allows you to impart a little bit of your personality onto your outdoor space. To help you achieve your dreams, Roy from R.A.L. will work with you installing your rock work, pond features, or waterfall accents.

R.A.L. believes in creating natural-looking ponds, something that requires knowledge and a delicate touch. Placing the rocks is a combination of art and technical knowledge; sculpting and layering to create a safe location and solid ground to feature the rock work. Roy has the expertise to craft a relaxing and beautiful centrepiece for your garden, one that also maintains a natural look and feel.

Call R.A.L. to create your own space of natural beauty and relaxation.