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Trenching, Drains, & Irrigation

Digging the Right Way Means Knowing Where NOT to Go

There are hidden mazes of pipes and cables buried just inches beneath the ground, all working to transport gas, electricity, water etc. to properties. These are meant to be silent and undetectable systems, and working with them is a delicate situation. These lines need to be buried at exactly the right depth for safety reasons.

Luckily Roy knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to trenches - making sure that they’re perfectly dug to fit the situation. He has spent years digging around fitted gas, electrical and other lines, and knows how to handle these digs properly and safely.


Ensure Your Property Thrives 

Trenching is necessary to install irrigation and draining systems. Effective irrigation/drainage will make your garden a thriving space for plant life and growth.

Frequent rains and poorly planned or installed drainage systems can cause dampness to build up in your basement, or cause flooding problems. Damp basements will be breeding grounds for mould and mildew, which cause health problems, as well as rotting supports and attracting rodents.  Perimeter drainage is vital to eleviate those problems as well as prevent soggy, muddy yards around your home or business.  It is imparative to have the perimeter drains installed properly to maintain a dry foundation for your building as well.  Experience & knowledge in drainage is needed for a job well done.

Call the Experts

Are you concerned that the garden, patio area, or landscape around your house could be a problems? Roy has the expert knowledge and skill to come in and shore things up, making sure your house, business and property is protected for years to come.

With an expert eye, Roy can tell by looking at the slope of the land how a drainage problem can be rectified. By observing the lay of the land or the angle of the driveway, he can see the structural issues that are just underneath the surface. Proper drainage is essential to prevent the puddling and pooling of water on your property. Roy will explain what the issues are, and how to fix them.

Call R.A.L. today to get your property properly irrigated or drained - because you don’t want to live on a swamp.