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The Hottest Trend Right Now

One of the Hottest trends right now is the explosion of homes being purchased in Mature Neighbourhoods on Vancouver Island.

The Vancouver Island Real Estate Board has released figures that confirm Lower Mainlanders, last year, accounted for a record 26% of home purchases on our Island, more than double in just 3 years. Four out of five are buying homes as their principal residence. For most people, one of the largest investments they’ll ever make is the purchase of a family home.

The time has never been better for current owners of existing homes on the Island to upgrade their homes and property to attract a flood of new buyers and increase the value and return on their original purchase.

Many homeowners looking for New Ideas on how to substantially increase their home and property values, are making that first call to Roy and Heather of R.A.L. Bobcat Services.

Here are some of the many reasons why:

Many homes are located on properties with high driveways and sloping terrains that make it difficult to do excavations and landscaping.

Excavating in tight areas close to the home and without damaging trees and plants that have taken years to grow, is extremely difficult, and in some cases, appear almost impossible to do.

Roy and the team at R.A.L. know how to move boulders that can weigh 5000 lbs. or more to create beautiful retaining walls, prepare high sloping driveways for paving, create ponds and waterfalls to add a sense of peace and tranquillity, and prepare yards and gardens for “take-your-breath-away” landscaping.

Ask any REALTOR® how important “Curb Appeal” is to enhance the desirability of a mature home and property. Your investment will more than justify the value of the purchase price to a waiting list of qualified buyers.

When you want peace of mind that your project will be done right, do what hundreds of other homeowners have done…make that First Call to Roy and Heather at R.A.L. Bobcat Services…someone you can Trust.